November 26, 2007

Ugh! Lakers on a 3-game Losing Streak

After looking like legit contenders with a 7-3 record the past week, the Los Angeles Lakers seem to be grounded back to borderline lottery team with three losses.

First loss on this skein is care of the Miwaukee Bucks, trumping the Lakers 110-103. Michael Redd did his best Kobe impression by making plays on both ends of the floor. Kobe even said he may have shared too many tricks during their stint for USA Basketball last summer.

The next loss came from the now mighty Boston Celtics. The Celtics used to be a joke in the last decade, but thanks to The Big Ticket Kevin Garnett, the C's are relevant once again. They trumped the Lakers in convincing fashion to a score of 107-94. The Lakers relished the idea of reviving the legendary rivalry between the two clubs, but it is apparent the Lakers need another quality option (perhaps Andrew Bynum) to hold a candle against the Celtics this season. Sheesh, to think that KG almost went to the Lakers!

The latest loss is a bit heart-breaking, in which Kobe clanged a key free throw that would have iced the game for them. Instead of winning by a point, the Lakers lost by 2 points against the non-threatening New Jersey Nets, 102-100. The Lakers tried to rally in the fourth quarter, but miscues like the missed free throw really kills not-so-great teams.

The four-game winning streak is now a memory and the Lakers now are in the .500 zone, a place where a lot of people predicted them to be. Will the trade trigger be pulled soon?

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