February 7, 2008

WTF: Shaq traded to the Phoenix Suns

In what could be the biggest "I Can Top You" trade in the NBA, four-time champ and former MVP Shaquille O'neal goes to the Phoenix Suns for "The Matrix" Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks.

The trade has been known for two days and the finalization just concluded with Shaq's physical tests. Journalists, pundits and experts have been easy to lambaste the transaction and question Suns GM Steve Kerr on the deal. The trade has been seen as a knee-jerk reaction to the Lakers-Grizzlies trade that brought Pau Gasol to the Lakers. Perhaps Kerr knew Marion would bolt out once his contract expires.

It can now be said that the Suns have given up ot the Steve Nash-Amare Stoudemire-Shawn Marion trio that has its way into the playoffs the last few seasons. What we could see now is a slower team that will bank on Shaq and STAT's inside presence, and will put Steve Nash's half court skills to the test.

But does it make sense? Hell no. Shaq is old, slower and injured-- three things you don't want in an NBA player. It reminds me so much the Chris Webber signing in Golden State. It really makes me wonder the GM's are REALLY thinking as they were pulling the trigger on the trades and transactions.



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  2. Amanda,

    The Suns are struggling right now and they won't admit Shaq wrecked their chemistry



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