July 17, 2008

What's Next for the Los Angeles Lakers?

Jeez, it actually took me a month to get over the demolition the Los Angeles Lakers went through during the 2008 NBA Finals. (What fan can get over a 30-point blowout loss in an elimination game?)

But life, and the offseason must go on.

So, has happened to the Lakers since the playoffs?

  1. Ronnie Turiaf signed an offer sheet from the Golden State Warriors

  2. Sasha Vujacic is a restricted free agent

  3. The Lakers drafted Kentucky's Joe Crawford (no, he's not Joey Crawford the NBA ref)

  4. Luke Walton underwent ankle surgery

  5. Ron Artest-Lamar Odom trade talks are floating around

The off-season moves for this year are not as crucial as last year when Kobe Bryant went on a ripping spree on the Lakers front office. But I do agree that the Lakers need get better defenders without giving up a major piece like Lamar Odom. Ron Artest is an appealing addition, but I still like Odom's fit so far. I just wish Lamar would be more consitent on defense.

I'm not buying the whole "Andrew Bynum will save the Lakers" choruses, but I do think he'll improve the Lakers' chances next season. The key thing here is the Lakers should mature and learn from the Finals experience and bounce back and not do a Dallas Mavericks nosedive after the Big Dance.

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