December 4, 2007

Lakers Fantasy Basketball Update

Five weeks into the NBA season, there has been interesting trends in the Los Angeles Lakers line-up that are very relevant to NBA Fantasy owners. Here's a rundown of the Top 5 Lakers Fantasy Basketball studs with stats as of December 4, 2007:
  1. Kobe Bryant - Stellar fantasy season. Points are lower so fat this season, but it's primarily due to the better play of other Lakers. His defensive stats have improved, particularly steals and his facilitating play has reflected in his increased assists. A must-have in your fantasy team.
  2. Lamar Odom - Very disappointing. Numbers have dipped across the board. His assists have sharply declined compared to last season (4.8 last year to 1.7 this season). His numbers match his inconsistent play. Still an above-average forward, but fantasy value has never been this low.
  3. Derek Fisher - The returning Laker may be argued as the vaunted "third option" but this may be limited to the fantasy basketball realm. Fish is a solid pickup with good FG and FT percentages, nice Steals, but low assists for a point guard. This likely be due to the Triangle Offense the Lakers have installed, which does not rely on the typical point guard.
  4. Andrew Bynum - Drew's stats this season have been nearing the starting center's fare, but he's still far from hitting the ceiling. He's now a bona fide double-double and solid blocks contributor. He needs to stay away from foul trouble to be able to contribute more and up his FT% to at least 70% to be more solid.
  5. Jordan Farmar - The sophomore is making moderate waves as the backup PG position. He hits 3's and gives Steals consistently. His production will increase with more tick.

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