February 10, 2008

Will the Lakers Trade for Shawn Marion?

Here is perhaps the biggest, most intriguing twist in the whole trade season: Shawn Marion goes to the Lakers.

This trade scenario has been "out there" since the rumblings of Shawn Marion, then with the Phoenix Suns, has been known. The biggest roadblock to that happening was that each of the principals, the Lakers and the Suns, were not so keen on helping each other out. Now, with Marion wearing the Miami Heat jersey (on the interim?), this deal now becomes more viable.

I tried the trade over at ESPN's Trade machine and the trade makes financial and basketball sense. Imagine Lamar Odom going back to Miami to hopefully resurrect his career at the team where he flourished and Shawn Marion finally playing in the offense that best suits his skills. Imagine that. The biggest twist indeed.

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