March 31, 2008

Lakers' Injury Situation Gets Worse

I harped in my last post that the Lakers frontline has been depleted by injuries to the point that you stand and look around and you'd think the Laker frontline is as mythical as Bigfoot.

Then we learn that Laker stalwart Derek Fisher has a partially torn tendon in his right foot. It's easy to forget that Kobe has been playing with an injured pinkie and decided to play through the injury because he believed that the Lakers have a fighting chance to win the NBA championship.

Prior to their win over the Washington Wizards, the Lakers have lost 3 out of 4 and have lost to two teams bound for the lottery (Charlotte Bobcats & Memphis Grizzlies). The Lakers have also slipped behind the New Orleans Hornets and San Antonio Spurs for the top spots in the Western Conference.

I think one more injury from the Lakers will make Kobe rethink his decision to skip surgery. At the rate the Lakers are getting injured, a first round playoff match up against the healthy Denver Nuggets or Golden State Warriors may be dangerous.

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