April 1, 2008

Now It Can Be Told: Kevin Garnett Seriously Wanted to be a Laker

In a recent interview, Kevin Garnett stated that he originally chose the Los Angeles Lakers as his new team and lambasted Minnesota Timberwolves GM Kevin McHale. Garnetts's statement now validates speculation that Garnett wanted to go the the legendary franchise.

Garnett stated, "I wanted to be a Laker. I hate you Kevin McHale!" confirming the internet and blog sentiment that KG was indeed enamored with the Lakers and intrigued by playing alongside Kobe Bryant. He added, "Kobe is an MVP-type player who never got the props I had, I just want to win. My trade to LA was 95% done until McHale got a call from Danny Ainge. I didn't hear their conversation exactly, but I remember words like '1980's', "STD scare", "Pac-Man", "Mexico."

Kevin McHale was contacted but was not able to comment.


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