October 22, 2008

Kobe Bryant Injures Knee

Two words you don't want to see together in a single sentence: Kobe and injury.

I could hear that collective gasp of Los Angeles Lakers fans when news of Kobe Bryant injuring his knee in a pre-season game against the Charlotte Bobcats broke out. Kobe left the game in the first half after he hyperextended his knee going for a rebound.

This latest development can give Lakers coach Phil Jackson reasons to be cautious in giving the NBA's reigning MVP minutes during the early part of the season. This could also translate to several games missed for Kobe if the injury proves to be more severe than a hyperextended knee. (I hope that doesn't happen).

Could this be a result of wear and tear from playing in the 2008 Beijing Olypics? Kobe has been known to be be in shape all year round, but he has played a huge amount of basketball this year so this could be an effect of his apparent lack of rest.

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