December 20, 2008

Kobe's Shot Rims Out, Lakers Lose to Heat


The Los Angeles Lakers don't seem to have luck on their side during close games these days.

On a game where the Miami Heat all of a sudden played like the 2006 version of themselves, the Lakers were down two points, 89-87, six seconds on the clock. Kobe Bryant got the ball near the top of the key, with Heat forward Shawn Marion defending him. Kobe dribbled for a few seconds then drives right, did a behind the back crossover dribble and faded to the left elbow with a Jordanesque jumper falling away. The ball looked flat when Kobe released it, but had a good line. It was a bit long and but bounced a little bit to the middle, with the net ready to swish.

But then the ball took an extra bounce and the ball jumped out of the hoop. Lakers lose on the same score.

Early this month, the Lakers lost on a last second shot. Talk about tough luck.



  1. I cried when I saw that shot come back out. The Lakers did have their chance though earlier in the last for minutes to tie or take the lead. They are not ready for the Celtic and I just bought tickets to see them.

  2. I think they need to change their starting unit. Andrew Bynum slows them down on offense and makes them vulnerable in the middle when their opponents spread the floor because he's slow getting back to the paint to stop driving guards like Dwyane Wade.

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