May 8, 2009

Derek Fisher Suspended for Game 3

The Los Angeles Lakers' playoff journey took another bump on the way to Houston.

Derek Fisher was suspended for Game 3, thanks to this play:

With Fish out, this makes Shannon Brown the likely starter to defend Aaron Brooks. Jordan Farmar can also be plugged in. But either way, the Lakers lose Fisher's streak shooting for one game.



  1. I was hoping you would comment how you felt about the suspension. Do you think it is the right call the make.

    The flagrant against Kobe after the fact I think was stupid.

  2. Hi Cori!

    To be honest, Kobe treaded dangerous waters when he provoked Artest. But between Fish and Kobe in the sidelines, I'd go with Fish. :P

  3. Kobe should've been suspended as well. It was a clear-cut case of intentionally elbowing another player. But then again he's Kobe Bryant.



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