September 14, 2009

Start the NBA Season Right: Get a FREE PurplenGoldLA T-Shirt!

I'm now officially out of my blogging off-season and I'm starting-off with a bang!

Big Lakers Fan and PurplenGoldLA are going to give away spiffy Los Angeles Lakers-themed t-shirts for FREE! And we're not stopping there: we're doing this EVERY WEEK!

From this week up to the week of the start of the 2009-2010 NBA season on October 27, 2009, we will be giving away nice graphic t-shirts from PurplenGoldLA. We will be giving away a total of eight t-shirts during that period and for the very first week, we're giving away a shirt inspired by the Lakers' latest acquisition: Ron Artest.

The shirt design is featured below:
So how do you get this great-looking shirt?

We have a very simple online contest to determine who will get the shirt. The only limitation is that we can only send the t-shirt to a valid shipping address in the United States. That means either you're staying somewhere in the U.S. or you have relative or friend staying there who can receive the shirt for you. If you have a friend in the U.S. who's a big Laker fan, this shirt may be the perfect gift.

The contest rules are pretty simple. There are 3 ways to join this contest:
  1. Blog comment - Post a comment in this blog with your name and email address. One blog comment counts as one (1) raffle entry and one person can only have a maximum of one raffle entry via this method.
  2. Blog post - If you have your own blog or if you have an account on Facebook, write a blog entry (or write a note if you're in Facebook) that has a link going to this blog post. After writing your entry, post a comment here with the blog post's or note's permalink. (For the Facebook note, a permalink looks like this: Each blog post or note counts for five (5) raffle entries. A person can post up to ten (10) blog posts or Facebook notes.
  3. Twitter - Post a tweet with the text "Big Lakers Fan: Get a FREE PurplenGoldLA T-Shirt!" with a link going to this blog post and the tweet must have the following hashtag:  #purplengoldla. Each tweet will count for two (2) raffle entries. A person can post a maximum of ten (10) tweets. Bonus: Followers of @Regnard and @PurplenGoldLA double their Twitter raffle entries for each person followed.
Aren't the contest rules simple?!?

All raffle tickets will entered into a virtual raffle and the winner will be determined randomly. Once a winner has been drawn, I will contact him/her and the winner must confirm within 3 days upon announcement. If the winner fails to confirm, the winning is forfeited and a new winner will be drawn.

The deadline for this week's entry is on September 20, 2009, Sunday, 9pm (EST). The winner will be announced the following day.

So post that comment, write that blog entry, or tweet-- you could be the taking home the nice Los Angeles Lakers inspired PurplenGoldLA graphic t-shirt.



  1. I want this shirt so bad...
    Joseph R. Gimena

  2. Cesarie Panelo

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have to have this shirt. Shannon is my fave!



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