March 25, 2010

Lakers Clamp Down Spurs

The Los Angeles Lakers trumped the San Antonio Spurs in what could be a potential first round playoff matchup.

The Lakers are atop the NBA's Western Conference and the Spurs are perched at the #7 seed. But with the loss, the Spurs are now clinging to a half-game lead over the #8 Portland Trailblazers.

Thanks to a strong second half, the Lakers turned a first half deficit into their seventh straight win. The Lakers held the Spurs to only 35 points in the second half while they scored 51. Kobe Bryant scored a game-high 24 points, and his two three pointers in the fourth quarter kept the Spurs at bay.

It didn't help that Tim Duncan, the Spurs' star, went 2 for 11 from the field. His shooting struggled seemed to have spread to the team as the Spurs missed 50 of their 80 shot attempts. Is the Big Fundamental running out of gas?

One person that seemed to have the motor running all game was Lamar Odom. L.O. had 19 points and 13 boards and he was aggressive on offense. He practically outscored the starting frontline of the Spurs. Way to go L.O.!

The Lakers are now going into playoff mode and that's good. Seven straight wins with 11 games to go. Let's go Lakers!

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