March 27, 2010

OKC Dominates LA

I used to like to like the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were my "pet team"-- teams you secondarily root for apart from your main team. To be honest, I rooted for them in the past because I knew they weren't serious contenders in the NBA.

But after they dominated the Los Angeles Lakers 91-75, I just think the Thunder has closed the gap between them and the Lakers. That also meant that the Thunder out-grew their "pet team" status and has been elevated to conference rival.

The Thunder held the Lakers to a dismal 47 points in the first three quarters. Kobe Bryant was locked down to 11 points and the rest of the starters for only 33 points. 33 points! The Thunder duo of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 49 points. Sheesh.

The game was a huge letdown for Lakers fans and a huge win for the Thunder. It's like seeing the little brother win against the big brother who always won in the past.

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