May 22, 2010

Chris Bosh to the Lakers?

One of the off-season's free agents wants to go to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors has given the Raptors management a list of five teams where he wants to play for. The list includes the Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks, and his original team, the Raptors. Bosh's contract is expires at the end of this season and he is eligible to negotiate with teams starting this July.

Early this year, Bosh was involved in trade rumors that included a swap with the Lakers' Andrew Bynum. No such trade happened, but I guess Bosh kept the Lakers in his sights.

Realisitically speaking, is a Chris Bosh to the Lakers a big possibility?

If you ask me, it's a pipe dream.

Bosh is a spindly All-Star that relies on his speed and agility to create opportunities in the low blocks-- similar to the Lakers' Pau Gasol. He is a 20-point-10-rebound threat, but he's not a lockdown interior defender (neither is Gasol). What Bosh has going for him is his age (he's 26) and his relatively healthy playing career.

One more thing: if the Lakers win the title, that shoots down this potential deal. However, if the Lakers fail, any deal will look like a sure-fire solution.

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