May 20, 2010

Lakers Speed Past Suns for Game 2 Win

It's official: the Phoenix Suns left their defense in San Antonio and the Los Angeles Lakers couldn't be happier.

The Lakers scored 124 points en route to a 12-point victory over the Suns. Pau Gasol made minced meat out of Amare Stoudemire's weak defense in the interior and scored a game-high 29 points and grabbed 9 rebounds. Kobe Bryant played the role of facilitator and dished out 13 assists (even finishing with a better assist-turnover ration than Suns playmaker Steve Nash).

The cherry on top of all this?

Lamar Odom had another "lucky" game with a lesser, but significant double-double (17 points, 11 rebounds). I'm sure Amare Stoudemire must be feeling the heat after calling Odom's Western Conference Finals Game 1 brilliance "lucky," especially playing wooden defense against the Lakers' bigs and failing to grab boards himself.

We all know defense is not the Suns' forte but Games 1 and 2 were just ridiculous: The Lakers averaged 126 points and shot almost 60% from the field as a team. In both games, all but one member of the Lakers squad scored (Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic failed to score a point).

If the Suns keep the Lakers run amuck on the offensive end, we're one step closer to a Lakers-Celtics Finals again.

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