November 12, 2010

Lakers Lose First Game of the Season

Los Angeles Lakers fans can now put the 82-0 dreams to rest, no thanks to the Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers faltered in the fourth quarter, scoring only 19 points and letting the Nuggets score 33. The 14-point swing is the reason the Lakers lost, 118-112. The game was well within the Lakers' grasp for three and a half quarters, until the Nuggets closed out the game on a 17-9 run.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 34 points, but took 32 shots-- a ratio that often points to an imbalanced Lakers offense. The Nuggets were led by their star Carmelo Anthony, plus great contributions from the bench.

Notably ineffective in the offense was the Lakers' Lamar Odom. He missed all but one of his shots. The Renegades of the bench played their poorest game of the season, in my opinion.

The Lakers get a break before meeting the Phoenix Suns. Let's see if they will bounce back.

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