February 10, 2011

Camelo Anthony to the Lakers?

Carmelo Anthony for Andrew Bynum? This is just pure baloney.

Why on earth would the Los Angeles Lakers go for a scorer when they already have the game's most lethal scorer in Kobe Bryant? If this trade were to happen, the Lakers are giving up their biggest advantage over the rest of the league: their size.

Fine, Andrew Bynum is turning out to be an injury magnet, but he has been a decent defensive anchor in the middle. His offensive game is not dominating, but he takes up space in the middle to give space to the perimeter forays of the Lakers' guards and even forwards (Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom can shoot it from beyond 15 feet).

Carmelo Anthony is a proven shot-maker and go-to-guy in the clutch, but he needs to dominate the ball almost the same way Kobe Bryant does and this type of redundancy is not the material championship teams are made of. In getting Anthony, the Lakers would become the NBA's most unstoppable offensive force, but it is not on offense the Lakers need help with-- it's their defense.

If you ask me, the players who are worth getting for Andrew Bynum would be Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Love.

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