February 27, 2011

Lakers Stood Pat: Now What?

The Los Angeles Lakers did not make any major trades before the trade deadline a few days ago. After rivals like the Boston Celtics shook up their roster, the Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak opted not to tweak the team that already made changes as the season started.

As a fan, I take this as a sign that the Lakers brass is confident that this season's team is good enough for a three-peat. This, even though the Thunder became bigger with Kendrick Perkins, even though the Celtics became younger with Jeff Green, even though the Portland Trailblazers added former All-Star Gerald Wallace into the mix.

This inactivity becomes better especially in the context of an absence of a deal that makes sense for the Lakers. Even with Carmelo Anthony available during the trade season, I saw that there were no assets the Lakers should move. Andrew Bynum? Let's give him time to gel with the team. In their last three games, Bynum has averaged 9 points, 10 rebounds, and 1.67 blocks a game. Not bad but it's an indication that he's still getting into the team's flow.

What about Ron Artest? I think his shot has improved in the last couple of games, but to deal him would have been premature. He can still be a disruptive force on the defensive end, but I want suspend my judgment till the playoffs.

Finally, Shannon Brown could have been a good player to move, especially with his value soaring this season. Maybe the could have gotten someone to play better defense, but Brown is the only one of few players who can give an offensive spark off the bench for the team.

What the team needs to do now is to focus on playing consistently and playing great team defense. As their opponents have upgraded, the Lakers need to play more inspired ball.

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