March 27, 2012

Lakers Still Looking for Consistency

After the dealine trades that saw the Los Angeles Lakers changing their backcourt dramatically, the team has yet to go on a dominating tear.

Since the March 15 deadline, the team has won as much as it lost. There were good wins immediately after the Ramon Sessions acquisition, but frustrating losses to the Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets, and Memphis Grizzlies undermine any progress.

It's not that the team is in such a bad shape. They haven't defended their home court well, they go on a stupor after great stretches, and outside shooting is still an afterthought.

One thing I've observed though is that the improved play at a faster pace. With Sessions, the Lakers hav done better at running the break and attacking defenses in the half court.

With playoff picture slowly taking shape, the Lakers better figure out how to beat teams more convincingly. Otherwise, this will be another wasted season.

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