May 29, 2007

Kobe wants out?

Kobe has indicated his frustration countless times since getting eliminated by the Phoenix Suns. But a couple of days ago, his frustration has reached a new high-- he wants out if the soon to be ex-Memphis Grizzlies GM Jerry West is not on board.

While he has softened his stance with an explanation, Kobe Bryant has made it crystal clear-- he wants the Lakers to win NOW.

I mean, come on, how better can Kobe be? Given he has churned out MVP-like stats for a number of seasons now, he is already on his peak. And I think he has 3-5 years before he starts tapering off due to age. The window is definitely getting smaller. Just ask Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson or Tracy McGrady.

Should the Lakers trade Kobe? Absolutely not. The front office just need to get better pieces to complement their star. Better defenders should be on top of the list, as well as smart passers to maximize Phil Jackson's Triangle. Another superstar would definitely be welcome. Jerry West has proven to get those things done and that's why Kobe is hellbent on bringing him in.

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