May 23, 2007

NBA Draft Lottery 2007: No, the Lakers are not included

... But the Portland Trailblazers are looking at Greg Oden manning their front court come next season. It really makes sense that they get him-- with Brandon Roy leading the backcourt, we may see a new dynamic duo in the Northwest. (Or not, unless Portland opts for Kevin Durant)

With Kevin Durant potentially at #2, the Tracy McGrady clone will surely be trade bait for a Seattle team looking to sell. (Or then again, the new owners may want a new star attraction.) That means Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen have become expendable to get some cap relief.

Atlanta gets it pick, but barring a complete meltdown (again), the Phoenix Suns may be looking at a shiny high pick next year. (Phoenix gets Atlanta's pick from the Joe Johnson trade).

The loser of the draft? Boston! The Celtics are definitely feeling a punch in the gut after losing out on the two draft stars that matter.

As for the Lakers, picking at #19 is OK, given Josh McRoberts of Duke may be available.

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