May 12, 2007

The Lakers are out. Now what?

With the Lakers eliminated in the Playoffs, what does a Laker fan do?

To be honest, the remaining 2nd Round match-ups are pretty OK: Phoenix Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz vs, Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers vs. New Jersey Nets and Detroit Pistons vs. Chicago Bulls. But a playoffs without the Lakers for me is as relevant as the newspaper ads you see during Sundays.

The Lakers still get some coverage on the web and the articles all seem to dissect the Lakers' lost season. The most common themes are:
  • Will Jim Buss pull the trigger to get an All-Star point guard?
  • Will Lamar Odom stay?
  • Will Andrew Bynum be the trade bait?
  • Will Luke Walton re-sign?
  • The Laker's bench may have seen their last days in Purple and Gold
  • Is Jermaine O'neal coming to La-la Land?
  • Will Kevin McHale send Kevin Garnett to L.A.?
That's a whole lot of coverage for an eliminated team. It seems the L.A. Lakers is the only team that can still be relevant even it has been booted out from the Playoffs.

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