December 31, 2007

Boston Celtics at Los Angeles 2007: Lakers will win it

For the last 20 years or so, this match-up has been a non-event in the league-- the Boston Celtics had sunk to mediocrity after the Bird-McHale-Parish era while the Lakers were able rise to the NBA elite.

This year however is a different matter. The Celtics, thanks to a lucky strike by GM Danny Ainge, are now back to the NBA headlines. Kevin Garnett has fit very well with Boston stalwart Paul Pierce and All-Star Ray Allen and a new trinity is in town: the Garnett-Pierce-Allen era has just begun. A match between the Lakers and the Celtics are again a marquee event.

The Lakers also found ways to win this early in the season and they will bring what made them darkhorses in the Western Conference to the Boston at L.A. game today, December 30. I see a Laker win.

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