January 2, 2008

The Lakers Make a Fashion Statement: The Return of Short Shorts

Normally, I would feel bad when I make a prediction that the Lakers will win and then end up wrong. But the game against the Celtics, although a bad loss for the Lakers, was a fun game to watch.

The reason: The Lakers make a fashion statement as a team.

This is kinda different when one player suddenly wears tights or when a time headbands were fashionably new-- this is the bold move no one person would do. Think about it, go back to the era of Magic Johnson and sport a pair of short shorts. Here's a picture that would summarize the "look," from the players' point of view:

What must have gone in Derek Fisher's mind while this shot was taken? It must have been like: "Geez, whoever suggested this throwback idea must be on crack."

Here's a little snippet from YouTube to remind everyone how it was, 20 years ago:

While the players wearing the shorts must be very peeved, I think this would be the ultimate throwback move.

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