January 7, 2008

Andrew Bynum starts 2008 with Big Games

Too early to call Andrew Bynum an All-Star? With the way he has started 2008, he's making a case for himself to be included in the annual classic.

Two games into January, Andrew Bynum has averaged 20 points, 14 rebounds and 4 blocks. He has done his offense with efficiency-- he's shooting 70% from the field and 80% from the stripe. His presence in the middle has been key for the Lakers' defense as well.

However, Bynum's blossoming has affected the contribution of Lamar Odom, who has been relegated to a relatively smaller role in the offense. Odom's lesser touches this season has been evident with his lower assists, field goal attempts and even free throw attempts.

But having said that, Bynum's improved play has been a big plus to the team, especially to Kobe Bryant. Andrew Bynum has been able to take the pressure off Kobe and provide the Lakers' superstar with a "Quasi-Shaq" to play with inside the paint. Well, with the way Shaq has played this season, he's more like an older version of Andrew Bynum.

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