February 20, 2008

Lakers Spoil Bibby's Hawks Debut

After a strong performance in their recent unworldly 9-game road trip, the Lakers continue their winning ways at home by beating the Atlanta Hawks 122-93, Mike Bibby's first game as a member of the Hawks.

If you know your Lakers playoff history, Mike Bibby had terrorized the Lakers numerous times in the post-season when he was still a member of the Sacramento Kings. Bibby could be seen as one of the quick guards that made their money by abusing the Lakers' weak pick and roll defense. Mike Bibby even reached #4 in my Top 9 Playoff Villains in the last decade for the Lakers.

The win marks the fifth straight for the Lakers and the Hawks never stood a chance. The Lakers built a commanding 41-point lead in the first half and even Kobe Bryant was given a chance to rest.

The next game for the Lakers is another first for a newly acquired player: Shaquile O'neal's potentially first game with the Phoenix Suns. I see a the Lakers continuing their streak to six.

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