February 12, 2008

The Andrew Bynum Smoke Screen

Is Andrew Bynum's injury worse than advertised?

Three weeks into Bynum's knee injury, the hurt knee seems to be non-news in light of the Lakers' acquisition of Pau Gasol. But there has been talk that the dislocated knee injury is far from getting healed soon. And from this chat from ESPN:

Mike (LA, CA): There are rumors floating around Lakerland that Andrew Bynum's injury is actually worst than expected, with that being said can the Lakers contend for a title without him in the lineup this year?

Chris Broussard: I spoke with someone very close to Bynum a few days ago, and he said AB was fine and on schedule. Now, could he be lying? Possibly. But the few sources I've spoken with close to the situation have assured me he'll be back before the end of March. Without him, the Lakers would still be a contender, but I wouldn't pick them to win the West.
There seems to be some level of skepticism from NBA experts regarding the injury's severity. While the Gasol trade helps, the prospects of Bynum not making it in the playoffs is really not a good scenario.

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