January 20, 2009

Kobe Versus LeBron: Kobe Wins

In the first meeting between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Lakers put the clamps on the Cavs in the second half to take the 105-88 win.

The Kobe Bryant versus LeBron James match-up was slightly disappointing (nobody scored more than points), but both displayed good all-around games, with Kobe getting 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 12 assists while LeBron netted 23, 9, and 4. I was disappointed primarily on the sloppy games of the two stars, with 11 turnovers between the both of them . (11 turnovers is a game's worth of turnovers in some games).

The difference for the Lakers was the supporting cast, with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum wreaking havoc inside the paint, and Sasha "The Machine" Vujacic scoring 14 off the bench.

The game also reminded me that Ben Wallace and Wally Sczerbiak were still playing in the NBA. How could their games slip that low?

The win further cements the Lakers standing atop the Western Conference, while loss puts the Cavs below the Orlando Magic in the East. Could a Lakers-Cavaliers Finals be better than Lakers-Celtics?

Gimme a Lakers-Celtics Finals, so the Lakers can avenge last season's loss.

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