January 23, 2009

Andrew Bynum Crushes the Clippers

Andrew Bynum scored a career high 42 points to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 108-97 victory over the cross-town rivals Los Angeles Clippers.

For Bynum, this game was a great comeback.

Since the beginning of the season, Bynum has been criticized as not having the same drive and work ethic he had in his starting seasons, and these had his reduced effectiveness significantly. And in the past few games, Bynum has done his best Eddy Curry/Zach Randolph impression by being interested only in scoring and having an aversion for rebounding the ball.

Bynum seem to have responded and abused the token defernse offered by the Clippers' front court. His output was significant enough to offset Kobe Bryant's second triple double in 3 games.

Could this be Bynum's breakout game of the season?

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