February 5, 2009

The Lakers' Frontline Issues

Andrew Bynum is down, so who does the Los Angeles Lakers tab to pick up the slack?

Josh Powell.


In the last two games since Bynum went down, Powell has averaged roughly 13 minutes a game, almost the double his PT this season so far. Everyone was expecting Chris Mihm to take on the lion's share of Bynum's minutes.

Actually, the minutes are distributed to Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Vladimir Radmanovic, Powell and Mihm-- not exactly a front line that will scare teams out of their Nikes.

With the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavalier Coming up, the front court better stup up. Big Time.



  1. With Bynum out, the Lakers definitely has a hole to fill inside the shaded area. But i still feel they can go deep in the playoffs with the trio of kobe, lamar and pau. However, i'm just concern that they will be very tired just in case they can go all the way into the finals.

    another date with boston's big 3 is possible or w/ the pistons or even with LeBron and his cavs.

    btw, James just hit 52 in NY... u think he tried to eclipse kobe's 61?

  2. @Astig:

    Yeah, I think so. He was trumpeting the fact that he got 50 points and a triple double.



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