February 3, 2009

Lakers Win, But Lose Bynum for Regular Season

Normally, whenever Kobe Bryant scores more than 60 points, it's a cause for excitement for fans of the Los Angeles Lakers.

But given the circumstances regarding the loss of Andrew Bynum due to a torn MCL for the regular season, 61 points by Kobe and a win over the New York Knicks seem far from exciting. Bynum was the Lakers' best interior defender, and perhaps, the antidote to the ills brought about by the Boston Celtics.

Another thing annoying about this development for Lakers fans is how other fans of the teams seem to have hit the lottery with Bynum's injury-- better your team than ours. (Like this one annoying post from Blaze of Love.)  I'm also annoyed by the whole "Karma is a bitch" platitudes the fans of the other teams are busting out. (Andrew Bynum caused Gerald Wallace injury last week).

You know what? The league better be scared because Kobe is now motivated to atone for being indirectly responsible for the loss of Bynum, and Kobe is now juiced to carry the team again on his back. Should the rest of the league be worried now?

So to fans like the blogger from "Blaze of Love": F*** you!

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