November 8, 2009

Lakers Frontline Out

Now the Los Angeles Lakers know what 90% of the other NBA teams feel like-- A smallish frontline with no good combo of 7-footers.

Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum will see extended absences due to their respective injuries and both still have no definite return dates as of this writing. Gasol has yet to play this season with a hamstring injury (feared to be torn) and Bynum has a strained elbow he sustained two games ago.

The absence of the two Lakers frontline stalwarts means that Lamar Odom will be seeing time at the center and power forward positions, and Ron Artest will be moonlighting in the 4 position. Of course, Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga will have to say goodbye to the pine for the meantime. While the bench frontline combined for 18 points (8 for 18 shooting), 17 rebounds, and 4 blocks against the Memphis Grizzlies, I'd still prefer to see less of them on a regular basis.

But despite the loss of the talented Gasol and Bynum, the Lakers are 2-0 on games with the two out. The reason? Kobe Bryant.

Kobe has been scoring like a monster and he is shooting a career best 48% from the field in the season so far. His 34.5 points per game is tops in the NBA and his points have come off being the primary offensive option for the Lakers.

The champs will be hard pressed in the next few games without Gasol anf Bynum, but I think they will still keep their winning ways with one weapon the rest of the league doesn't have-- Kobe.

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