May 22, 2010

Pau Gasol Contest ! Special Gift Pack Up for Grabs!


Giving away a nice LeBron Poster the last time made me feel great that I'm doing this with more regularity during the 2010 NBA Playoffs. (BTW, congrats to Kevin Codamon for winning the prize!)

Big Lakers Fan is now launching a blog contest that will give away an awesome gift pack! The gift pack has a t-shirt, a hat, and a mug and if you win, will send those great items to your doorstep. :D

The theme of the contest is Pau Gasol, who has been huge for the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns.To win the contest, post a comment on what you think is the better play featuring Pau Gasol:
Watch those videos on and just post your comment in this blog post. The winner will be selected by a raffle, so feel free to comment as much as you like (just remember, one raffle ticket per comment). You can get an extra raffle tickets by posting a tweet with a link to with the hashtag #paugasolcontest.

The deadline for the contest is on Monday, May 24, 12mn EST. And the winner will be announced shortly after. :)

So watch those videos on and you could get the awesome gift pack! :D

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