June 12, 2010

How Did the Lakers Lose Game 4?


I can definitely say that officiating wasn't the biggest factor why the Los Angeles Lakers lost Game Four of the 2010 NBA Finals. But how did the Lakers let the Boston Celtics even the series?

Prior to the game, I cited four important factors that can help the Lakers win Game 4. Let's review what happened in that game:
  1. Lamar Odom - In Game 4, Odom had decent numbers (10 points, 7 rebounds, 5 of 10 shooting). However, his effect while on the floor was near-disastrous. He didn't step up when Andrew Bynum went out of the game. For the Lakers to win, Odom must play efficiently and aggressively.
  2. Interior defense - The Lakers let the Celtics grab twice as more offensive rebounds in the glass. Clearly, the absence of Bynum hurt them get boards and alter shots in the paint. Moreover, Pau Gasol was probably running on fumes that game and that's not good for the Lakers inside "D."
  3. Bench play - Really a sore spot for me because it was the Celtics' bench that stepped up big time in Game 4. From Big Baby to Krypto-Nate, the Celtics' subs outplayed the artists formerly known as the "Bench Mob." To illustrate, Big Baby Davis scored the same amount of points as the Lakers bench. Pathetic if you ask me.
  4. Shot Selection - Here's a trend: on the two losses the Lakers have in the series, they shot at least 20 three-point attempts. That's your story there.
The Lakers have a couple of days to rest and adjust before the pivotal Game 5.

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