June 20, 2007

The Kobe Situation: Sad But True

Kobe really wants out. As a Lakers fan, I am quoting from a Metallica song: "You know it's sad, but true."

While his dramatics is commonplace in a Hollywood script, in the NBA, it's just too much-- even for the Lakers. While his talent is undeniable, his killer instinct unquestionable, his attitude when it comes to frustration is suspect. Kobe is the Man on the Lakers squad and he's acting like a little Prima Donna.

The website, the "Kobe Bryant Video" and the shenanigans better be the league's attempt to keep the public interested in the NBA, especially after the Dullest Finals Ever. Otherwise, trade Kobe, Mitch and Dr. Buss.

Who can replace Kobe? No one. Not even Dwayne Wade or LeBron (LeBroom?) James. Remember the Shaq trade in 2004? The Lakers never got the equivalent value. The same applies to the Kobe trade of 2007. Sad but true.

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