June 15, 2007

NBA Finals 2007: It's over? Thank goodness

The San Antonio Spurs sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 4 on the biggest stage in the NBA. I think I the sweep was completed in Game 2. The Cavs were simply no match, not ready and too raw to win. I thank the Spurs for putting the whole world out of its misery by finishing one of the ugliest Finals ever.

I'm saying that the 2006-2007 LeBron James-led Cavs are the worst team to reach the NBA Finals. (Yes, they beat the 2002 New Jersey Nets by a hair.) I kinda pity LeBron. He got nicknames he didn't deserve (LeBoring). I guess the Spurs' dull play is contagious.

Now that the Finals is over, we can focus on more relevant things like the NBA Draft.

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