December 22, 2008

Lakers now on a 2-Game Losing Streak

The Los Angeles Lakers are now on a two-game losing streak.

First it was a stinking loss to the Miami Heat, then it was another nail-biter in Orlando against the Orlando Magic.

The common denominator in both losses? Shots that were almost in that went out.

In the Miami game, Kobe Bryant's jumper in the lane that could have sent the game into overtime went out. Then in the game against the Magic, it was Sasha Vujacic's three-ball at the dying seconds of the game bounced a couple of times before the ball decided it's home was not the hoop.

While both losses were definitely heart-breakers, one has to think how the Lakers are now finding themselves scrapping and scrambling for wins, as opposed to the cakewalks in the fourth quarter last month.My opinion is that the Lakers are relaxing because they were able to see what they are capable of during their dominating November stretch. Knowing they can probably "turn it on" during February and March, the Lakers have simply stopped playing defense and are playing selfishly.

Fist it was the blown leads, now it's the losses. Things are not looking good in La-La Land, considering a rampaging Boston Celtics team would be visiting on Christmas Day.

I'm seeing a Christmas Day massacre.


Photo by Reinhold Matay / Associated Press

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  1. Hey I am going to that christmas game...don't think like that. I am guessing Florida does not agree with the Lakers. Both of those games were heartbreaking to watch. I have not seen Boston but I have not heard anything negative about them like we do with the Lakers. I will be shedding tears if they don't play any defense because I think the game will be over in 3 quarters and they don't have to worry about a fourth quarter close loss. One commentator made a good point, Fisher and Bryant are tired because they don't play a lot of minutes.



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